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If it's good enough for Wes Bos

IDE / Text editor

I've used a variety of IDEs and text editors over the years.

I started in Notepad, then a proprietary PHP editor called SellerDeck for a couple of years.

After a stint of JetBrains' PHPStorm, I moved over to Atom (RIP 💀) and, eventually, to VS Code.


I tend to switch my theme up a lot depending on the mood of the day…

Something always stay the same though:

  1. Predominantly dark themes
  2. Almost no red!*

I mostly use Armand Philippot's Coldark (Dark) although I am partial to a bit of Sarah Drasner's Night Owl and Alve Svarén's Arc Dark.

Right now, I'm using Ahmed Abdulrahman's Aylin beacuse I'm doing a lot of React work and it's particularly good for JSX.


It all depends on how spicy I'm feeling today! 😜

*My coder brain sees it as an error so it can't be used for anything else - too distracting!

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