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The Inevitable Heat-death of my Twitter Shitpost

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At 107 words, this article should take about 1 minute to read.

I wrote a while ago about automatically shitposting to Twitter and I wondered how long it would last. Now I know!

This is your final reminder that free accounts will not have Twitter access after May 23. Any additional Applets that remain connected will be disconnected after that day.

The first post was on 12th December 2022 and the last one will be 22nd May 2023. Unless I pay IFTTT. Which I won't. Because even if the money isn't going to Elon Musk, I would still be spending money on Elon Musk and just no.

So that's it, twenty-four Mondays. That's how long it lasted.

Sad times.



In almost all cases, the comments section is a vile cesspool of Reply Guys, racists, and bots.

I don't want to have to deal with that kind of hell so I don't have a comments section.

If you want to continue the conversation, you can always hit me up on CalcKey (which is not a vile cesspool of Reply Guys, racists, and bots).