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How I am using AI these days

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At 335 words, this article should take about 2 minutes to read.

I have been asking ChatGPT for things I either know are "one right answer" or things I don't really care about the accuracy of the answer - something I need as filler copy or a Starter for Ten.

One right answer

ME: what command do i use to convert a mov file to a webm file using ffmpeg

ChatGPT: You can use the following command to convert a MOV file to a WebM file using FFmpeg:

ffmpeg -i -c:v libvpx-vp9 -c:a libvorbis output.webm

In this command, is the name of the input file you want to convert, and output.webm is the name of the output file you want to create.

The -c:v libvpx-vp9 option specifies that the video codec to be used is VP9, which is the most widely supported codec for WebM files.

The -c:a libvorbis option specifies that the audio codec to be used is Vorbis, which is the standard audio codec for WebM files.

Starter for ten

ME: explain in one short paragraph using layman's terms what a website's database is

ChatGPT: A website's database is like a digital filing cabinet where all the website's data is stored, such as user information, product details, and other content. It's where the website retrieves and stores data as needed, allowing users to access and interact with different parts of the website. Think of it like a big, organized spreadsheet that helps the website to function smoothly and efficiently. Without a database, a website would struggle to manage and store all the data required for it to function properly.

Is it actually useful?

I was a huge "AI" sceptic from the off; I firmly believe it is neither Artificial nor Intelligence. I don't think it should be the "great saviour" thing people are getting all excited about. I can see its benefit as a tool we can leverage as part of our workflow.

AI is a tool - and so is an axe.
Wield them poorly and you'll get hurt. Me, yesterday. Philosophising.



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