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Friday Random Ten for 26th May 2023

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Inspired by @reedpiernock - here is this week's Friday Random Ten!

Random Ten

A hastily thrown together one today as I'm off doing fun family things instead of hunching over my laptop in a darkened room (work).

  1. Ugly in the Morning by Faith No More
  2. Dust to Dust by The Agonist
  3. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
  4. T.O.P. by Labrinth
  5. Talk of this Town (Acoustic) by Catherine McGrath
  6. Teenage Blood by Tom Williams & The Boat
  7. Pervert by Pearl
  8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Beastie Boys
  9. The Auld Triangle by The Pogues
  10. White Peak/Dark Peak by 64daysofstatic

Artists I’ve seen live

65daysofstatic and Shane McGowan

Favourite track on the list

It's tricky this; they're all great bands but none are my favourite track by them. I'm going to say Ugly in the Morning.

Least favourite track on the list

Teenage Blood as I don't remember it.

You can find the playlist here on YouTube Music.

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