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Friday Random Ten for 12th May 2023

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Inspired by @reedpiernock - here is my Friday Random Ten!

Random Ten

  1. Rooting for You by Alessia Cara
  2. Battle of Marnadal by Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli
  3. Drown by Marika Hackman
  4. Root Down by The Beastie Boys
  5. Cinnamon (Acoustic) by Ritual
  6. Circulate by Poppy
  7. Ask by The Smiths
  8. Musikkassett by Kompressor
  9. 120 Mph by Kompressor
  10. State of the Union by Rise Against

Artists I’ve seen live

Actually none of these!

Favourite track on the list

Going to say State of the Union - banger!

Least favourite track on the list

Tentatively saying Ask because Morrissey.

Some absolute blasts from the past here: Beastie Boys takes me back to my local rock club in the 90s, Kompressor to an industrial night I frequented back when I wore New Rocks every day.

I'm a big fan of Poppy's new left-field take on metal. It feels very fresh and current and catch as all fuck.

I got into a bad habit at an old job of listening to Rise Against whenever I was in a crappy mood. Which turned into listening to Rise Against all day every day until I realised I needed to find a new job. So, er thanks, I guess!

You can find the playlist here on YouTube Music.

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