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Friday Random Ten for 21st April 2023

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Inspired by @reedpiernock - here is my Friday Random Ten!

Random Ten

  1. Catalyst by Bowling for Soup
  2. Careless by Royal Blood
  3. Give me everything you've got by Blue Stahli
  4. Z-Boys by The Raveonettes
  5. Congratulations by Rachel Platten
  6. Die Yet Another Night by Korn
  7. Written Apology by Cooper Temple Clause
  8. In the eye of the storm by Arch Enemy
  9. Sink your teeth into this by Conquer Divide
  10. Stand by you by Rachel Platten

You can find the playlist here on YouTube Music.

Such a weird mix here!

Bowling for Soup are the actual best Pop Punk band ever. Seen them live a few times.

I first came across The Raveonettes crammed in the back of a friend's boss's car doing 100mph down an empty motorway at half three in the morning on a mad dash from Manchester to Brighton!

Get involved yourself!



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