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Cutting down on American Music

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I have been trying to cut down on the amount of American music I listen to. Nothing against Americans but I feel my culture has been swamped with 'American' stuff - especially the "alternative music" I usually listen to.

I grew up during grunge and the 90's punk revival which bled into pop punk, nu-metal, and emo so my formative years have been very Americanised.

I'm trying to stick to the same sort of music but more British and mainland European as well as incorporating more Asian and African examples. Which is good because there's soooooo much amazing music I have been missing out on!

I was kind of a fan of Scandinavian metal (I even have a Nightwish tattoo, for my sins) and love me a bit of Children of Bodom but I really wish I'd got into Ulver sooner, and Katatonia, and Arch Enemy, and … so much good music!

Eastern Europe has a fantastic selection too - Infected Rain, Scarleth, Jinjer - just incredible!

I'd also heartily recommend Bloodywood - stonking nu-metal from New Delhi (nu-delhi?).

What is used to be…

Seven out of my top 10 artists since 2015 (3433 unique artists!) are American. I imagine that, if I'd been scrobbling since birth, this would be even higher!

What it is now…

This compares to zero out of the top 10 in the last 365 days!

Breakdown by Year

If you have any recommendations for me - bands like those listed that I just have to hear, hit me up on CalcKey - I'd love to hear from you!



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