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A very Victorian way of thinking

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I was thinking the other day about the phrase "Old Fashioned" particularly in relation to thinking; "That's an old fashioned way of thinking". And, to my mind, it's not quite right.

It's sometimes phrased as "Traditional" but that isn't right either. What we're actually meaning is Victorian thinking.

Back in the mists of history, we've had all kinds of attitudes we now consider "progressive" and "modern".

Charles the Second lounges on a chair resplendent in his frilly finery

Take Charles II - the Party King! Big fan of makeup and flamboyant clothes; several hundred years before Queer Eye and Metrosexuality allowed men to wear anything other than three piece suit.

Several hundred years before that the Romans and Greeks had very "new-fangled" ideas about sexuality.

These ideas and attitudes aren't new, they're older than a lot of the "traditional" thinking.

Human decency shouldn't come around in trends like flared jeans.



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