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Ah, passwords! So very necessary - so very difficult to create secure ones!

This command-line tool will do it for you 😎

Usage ⚒️

Step 1

npm install -g pa55word

Step 2

Run the command with inline variables

pa55word --help

pa55word -snu # @F2^Uc(G

pa55word -snuc 32 # UlBok7upL)GRM6WY5*oUuH7yUo1qI3$J

pa55 -c 7 # atjevig

Options 🎶

  • --characters (-c): The number of characters. Defaults to 8
  • --symbols (-s): Include symbols? !@£$%^&*()
  • --numbers (-n): Include numbers? 1234567890
  • --uppercase (-u): Include uppercase letters?

Cover image courtesy of Towfiqu barbhuiya.


In almost all cases, the comments section is a vile cesspool of Reply Guys, racists, and bots.

I don't want to have to deal with that kind of hell so I don't have a comments section.

If you want to continue the conversation, you can always hit me up on Mastodon (which is not a vile cesspool of Reply Guys, racists, and bots).

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