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View through a fence on a foggy Autumn morning

Hello world!

I'm Thom!

When I'm not building things for the internet, I take photos of stuff.

I am not the restaurant chain in Liverpool, the Southport knife attacker, nor am I the "The Black Barber" of Llanelly.

Latest articles

A bike, for no reason

Using Zustand to manage application state in React

One of the downsides to Controller/Reducer-based state management is that a single piece of state needs to be passed from Component to Component up and down the cascade - regardless of whether that component needs the state or not. Zustand promises to alleviate that.
Screaming lego minifig wearing blue overalls sat on a white floor against a white background

Manually copying VS Code extensions

Sometimes you can't use the inbuild sync to transfer your extensions from one VS Code to another. Learn how to do it programatically.
A python

Quick and dirty server 2

Sometimes you just want to serve a static site without installing all kinds of stuff (2022 Edition)

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